Rockland County Department of Fire & Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services responds to natural disasters such as snowstorms, floods, and hurricanes; and technical disasters such as chemical spills and hazardous materials incidents. They provide 911 service for the residents of Rockland County where they dispatch fire companies and ambulance squads. They also conduct Indian Point drills on a regular basis and respond to requests for emergency disaster assistance from municipalities throughout the county.

Personal Preparedness Resources

Special Needs Registry: People with limited mobility or special needs can enroll in the Rockland County Special Needs Registry, so that emergency personnel are aware of your needs, or the needs of someone you care for, in the event of an emergency.

Please register at: Special Needs Registry - Rockland County

Orange and Rockland’s Life Support Equipment (LSE) Program can help customers on electrically operated medical devices plan for an interruption in electric service. LSE Program customers are not guaranteed trouble-free service, but are given special information to help them in emergency situations.

FEMAFederal Emergency Management Agency-Comprehensive emergency preparedness resources for people with disabilities.

Red CrossPersonal preparedness resources for people with disabilities.

Tune in for Information

If you hear the emergency sirens, tune in your radio and TV to an Emergency Alert System (EAS) station for further information. Remember: The sounding of the sirens is not a signal to take any actions other than to listen to your radio or TV.

Tune your dial to 1640 AM for weather, traffic, community news and emergency information. 

Emergency Alert System (EAS) Stations:

  • AM Radio: WFAN 660, WABC 770, WCBS 880, WFAS 1230, WALL 1340, WLNA 1420
  • FM Radio: WRRV 92.7, WHUD 100.7, WFAS 103.9
  • Television: CBS Ch 2, WNBC Ch4, WNYW Ch 5, WABC Ch 7
  • Emergency information may be carried on the following


  • AM Radio: WRKL 910, WTBQ 1110, WRCR 1300, WINS 1010, WQBN 1640
  • FM Radio: WNEW 102.7, Wgny 103.1, WXPK 107.1
  • Television: News12 Hudson Valley, WRNN