Host Site Overview & Application

For more than 22 years Rockland Conservation and Service Corps has demonstrated that
young people are highly capable of completing challenging conservation projects.

Rockland Conservation and Service Corps places Conservation Corps Members for a 3-month term of full-time service with conservation organizations across Rockland County. Through service, Conservation Corps Members receive real‐world experience, networking and training opportunities, a living stipend, as well as an opportunity to explore Rockland County and what it has to offer.Nika_and_Meghan.jpg

Hosting a Conservation Corps Member provides tremendous value for our host sites and due to high demand, selection of host sites is a competitive process. Host sites for each year are selected based on the merit of their application and the level of impact members would have on conservation in Rockland County.

Host Site applications for the 2023 service year are being accepted from December 2023 – April 2023. If you are interested in participating as a Host Site, contact Kathy Galione, Project Coordinator at

Here is what two supervisors of 2020 had to say about having Corps Members for the summer.
Mike DiMola – Rockland Department of Environmental Resources

"For 20 years RCSC has been extremely helpful in doing third party evaluations of the trails in the County Parks. This gives us another viewpoint of the trails from people who do not see them every day, as well as recommendations that may not have been considered in the past.

The trail evaluations performed by the RCSC are used to schedule maintenance and improvements, some of which are performed by the members during their tenure with our agency."

Margie Turin – Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory

"2020 was not only our first year as a host site for RCSC but also our first year running the high school summer intern program we brought in the corps members to assist with. I do not believe we could have successfully rolled out this program without the corps members enthusiastic involvement and hard work. They were instrumental in every step of the program, from content design, to student interaction and engagement to meaningful student products. We look forward to continuing this relationship!"