Small Business Registry

The County of Rockland has adopted legislation titled The Policy to Prioritize Rockland Businesses and the Small Business Stimulus Act. The purpose of this policy is to prioritize purchasing goods and/or services whenever possible from businesses or commercial entities located physically within the geographic boarders of the County of Rockland. This legislation does not cover or included purchases that are required to be competitively bid under New York State law.

As part of this new policy to prioritize Rockland Businesses, the Purchasing Division has established a Small Business Registry to identify small local businesses interested in selling their goods and or services to the County. The Purchasing Division will utilize the Small Business Registry to inform registered small businesses of non-competitive bidding procurement opportunities.

To qualify as a Small Rockland Business or Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) your business or commercial entity must be located physically within the geographic borders of the County of Rockland, employ from zero up to and including nine employees, and have gross annual revenue of less than $1,000,000 (one million dollars).

To register for the SLBE Registry click on the link below to complete the SLBE Registration form. Please follow the directions for the submission of this form.




The Purchasing Division looks forward to implementing this program and is available to assist any local business during the registration process. Please contact AnnMarie Curley, Assistant Director of Purchasing at 845-364-3820 if you have any questions concerning this initiative.