The Department of General Services – Purchasing Division seeks to leverage available e-Procurement technology to add buysmart_logo.PNGsignificant value to the procurement process as well as providing a Return on Investment (ROI) for the Investment made in such technologies.

The County utilizes a number of e-Procurement technologies provided by our e-Procurement partners including PeopleSoft, BidNet Direct and Bonfire.

All Request for Quotations (valued under the bidding threshold) are issued electronically through the Empire State Purchasing Group System by BidNet Direct and require online submission response.

All Request for Proposals are issued through the Empire State Purchasing Group System, and online responses are required through Bonfire. The online response requirement eliminates the need for Suppliers to print and bind multiple copies of their proposal, for submission to the County.  This process saves both time and money for the supplier community, while making the process of distributing proposals to evaluators more efficient.

All competitive bids are issued through the Empire State Purchasing Group, and responses are required by Sealed Envelope or may provide the option of an Online Response depending on the solicitation.