How to Apply for ADA TRIPS Service:

A prospective applicant may call or write to TRIPS Operations for information and/or to request an ADA TRIPS application:

Rockland County Department of Public Transportation (RCDPT)
Attn: TRIPS Paratransit
50 Sanatorium Road, Building T
Pomona, NY 10970
(845) 364-8747

The application is printed in 16-point type. The application form also is available in other formats such as large print, Braille, or audio-cassette upon request, or by downloading the ADA TRIPS Application (132 kb pdf).

Upon completion of the application, the applicant must contact TRIPS Operations at (845) 364-8747 to set up an interview to review your application. This may be done in person or by phone. If in-person, transportation will be provided upon request to and from your interview. Other considerations:

  • The applicant must provide all supporting documentation requested on the application form.
  • The applicant may attach any other documentation that he/she wishes to have considered as part of the eligibility process.
  • The applicant may receive assistance from other people in filling out the application. Any person providing assistance should be identified on the application form in the designated space.
  • Please make sure that the application is complete; incomplete applications will delay the review process. If any information is not true or misrepresents the facts, the applicant will be found ineligible.
  • The applicant may contact TRIPS Operations at (845) 364-8747 for additional information.

TRIPS determines eligibility based principally on the application form and the information submitted with it. An applicant must establish that he/she is functionally unable to use municipal, fixed-route bus service. An applicant may be required to provide additional information regarding his/her disability and his/her ability to independently use regular municipal, fixed-route bus service. Failure to provide any requested information will be conclusively deemed a withdrawal of the ADA application.

If a passenger requires the assistance of another person to be able to travel on TRIPS, this person will be allowed to travel with them and will not be required to pay a fare. However, this person must board and alight the vehicle at the same locations, respectively, as the ADA-registered person. The fact that a personal care attendant or Aide is required for travel must be indicated on the application. Otherwise, any person accompanying the eligible passenger will be considered to be a friend or companion and will have to pay a fare.

To enable TRIPS to accurately determine the applicant eligibility for ADA Service, individuals must fill out the application form as completely and thoroughly as possible. The questions are meant to determine the specific limitations the individual has in using municipal, fixed-route bus service. The application also is meant to determine when and under what circumstances the applicant can use municipal, fixed-route buses or when shared-ride paratransit service is required.

After the applicant has completed Parts 1-6 of the application, please have an appropriate medical, certified, or licensed professional (a list is provided on the application) complete the last page of the application. Then, submit the entire document together with a full-face, recent headshot photograph for your ID card (should it be determined that you are eligible). Digital photographs may be emailed to Anthony D'Antoni, Coordinator-TRIPS Operations, at It is important that you complete all sections of the application. If any sections are left blank, the form will be returned to you.

Information about your disability that you provide in the application will be kept strictly confidential.

Completed applications will be processed within 21 business days of receipt. Please note that in some instances, we may not be able to determine your eligibility without further information. In this case, we may schedule an appointment with you for an in-person interview to allow us to better understand your functional abilities and transportation needs. Transportation to the interview and certain costs associated with the interview will be covered by RCDPT.

If it is determined that the applicant is able to use municipal, fixed-route bus service and, therefore, is not eligible for ADA service, we will notify you in writing of the exact reasons for this determination. If desired, the applicant will be given an opportunity to appeal a negative decision and to present information and arguments either in person or through written material.

If an applicant has been found eligible for ADA TRIPS service, that person will receive a packet of materials providing information on how to make reservations, the rights and responsibilities of riders, how to make complaints and other important information. Material is also available in large print, and can be provided in another format, such as audiotape, if needed.

Complete details regarding ADA TRIPS Service are available from the Department of Public Transportation by calling TRIPS at (845) 364-TRIP (8747).