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The Hudson River Valley Greenway has created a trail program to create a regional trail system.  The trails are comprised of three types of trails: 

  • Riverside Trails, which offer a direct physical or visual access to the Hudson River
  • Countryside Corridors, which establish major pathways and connections that highlight the character and resources of the "countryside" communities
  • Connector Trails, which make connections between Riverside Trails, Countryside Corridors, and other trails along tributaries of the Hudson River and or other regional resource.

In order to accomplish this trail system in Rockland County, the Rockland Riverfront Communities Council has worked with member municipalities to determine where the route(s) of the Greenway Trail should be located within their community.  Each community was given a draft map, provided by the Planning Department's Division of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), so that they could plan their proposed routes.  The council members discussed with their respective boards which routes were most desirable and relayed that information in order to produce these maps.  To date, close to 30 miles of trail have been designated in Rockland County as part of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail.  The Trail is now continuous from the New York/New Jersey border to the north end of Hook Mountain State Park.  Additional sections will be designated in the future, linking Riverside Trails, Countryside Corridors, and Connector Trails.

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