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The Council's mission is to protect, enhance, and utilize assets of the Hudson River and nearby parks through inter-municipal cooperation between riverfront communities and other appropriate agencies in Rockland County. In furtherance of this mission, the Council encourages and promotes the preservation of natural, scenic, historic and cultural resources; environmental education; sustain economic development; and public access to the river, where possible.

Council Organization

Organization is structured so that the public can participate in all meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend any meeting of the Rockland Riverfront Communities council which meets the first Thursday of the month. However, we do not meet in the month of August and typically meet the second Thursday in September due to the Labor Day Holiday.
All are welcome to participate in the Program Committee of the Rockland Riverfront Communities Council. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month, however we do not meet in the months of August or December and we meet the third Tuesday in November to avoid any conflict with the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The Greenway Plan

download.jpgThe Plan works with communities on a voluntary basis to assist in the development of local land use plans and programs related to the Greenway criteria. The Greenway provides technical assistance and funding for these community planning projects. Greenway community planning projects can be undertaken by a single community to address local issues or a group of communities working together to address both local and regional issues.

Trail Maps

Maps offer a visual access to the Hudson River; Countryside Corridors, which establish major pathways and connections that highlight the character and resources of the "countryside" communities; and Connector Trails, which make connections between Riverside Trails and Countryside Corridors and other trails along tributaries of the Hudson River and or other regional resource.


Heritage_On_Hudson_Ceremony.jpgGrants were used in part to start the Council and have been used to assist member municipalities with projects that are consistent with the mission of the Council. The Rockland Riverfront Communities Council has actively worked to establish a listing of available grant sources for municipalities, non-profit organizations, etc. The Council was fortunate to receive a $60,000 grant from the New York State Department of State Quality Communities Program. These funds were used in part to start the Council and have been used to assist member municipalities with projects that are consistent with the mission of the Council.

Below is a listing of municipalities that received a portion of the Quality Communities grant funds:

  • Village of Upper Nyack – Greenway Trail Sidewalk Project, $10,000
  • Village of Piermont – Piermont Railroad Station Rehabilitation, $12,000
  • Village of Nyack - Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Village Comprehensive Plan, $8,000
  • Former Village of South Nyack – Gesner Avenue Park Improvements, $10,500
  • County of Rockland - Construction of a 9-11 Memorial Kiosk at Haverstraw Bay County Park, $2,819.03

The remaining portion of the $60,000 grant was used to create a logo, letterhead and a brochure "Heritage On Hudson" for the Council.