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Sign Language Interpreter Directory

Access and Functional Needs Directory

Educational Institutions

Assistance with Medicare:

Affordable Health tackles these complicated issues by creating an easy-to-read guide empowering those who qualify for Medicare with the knowledge to help them choose the right plan specific to their needs. They compare New York Medicare plans, costs, and most importantly provide local Medicare resources to help residents with any questions they may have.

You can view their guide here:

Who Qualifies For Medicare In New York

Medicare Plans In New York

How Much Does Medicare Cost In New York

Medicare Resources In New York

Additional Resources:

Rockland Transition Consortium
Mary Ellen Urinyi - Co-Chairperson - 845-627-4749
Lynn Giles-Harris- Co-Chairperson - 845-323-6285

Food Pantry and Feeding Programs:

Reaching for the Future Guide

Rockland Transition Planning Guide

Rockland County Accessible Ratings-UACCESS Life