School food service programs play a critical role in student wellness and readiness to learn. Nutrition is next to physical activity in its importance for preparing the mind and body for the rigors of the school day. School food service programs are the source of that nutrition in Rockland County schools.

All schools participating in the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs must meet strict nutrition guidelines to ensure proper portion sizes and food groups served to students. While Rockland school food service programs generally meet those requirements, doing so poses many challenges particularly in getting students to eat the healthier food options available such as fruit and vegetables.

The Rockland County School Food Service Directors Cooperative was formed in 2008 to bring school food service professionals together for peer support, problem solving and for learning about related resources.  Led by the Rockland County Department of Health school health coordinator, the food service directors meet three times per year. For more information, contact the school health coordinator.

Resources for School Food Service Providers:
Smarter Lunchrooms
Local Wellness Policy