Keep Kids In Motion! Turn Off Screen Week!

There are lots of fun activities children and teens can do when not using their screens for entertainment. Help youth separate from their cell phones and tablets and engage in the world around them through play, community service, exploration in nature and physically active games. For more ideas go to Screen-Free Week.

School Play a Big Role in Keeping Kids Active

Schools across the country are building Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAP) to ensure that students in all grades get physical activity during and outside of school. This is not only good for health, it promotes learning readiness. For more information visit CSPAP website

Snow days are great opportunities to encourage kids to keep active. Check out the East Ramapo Central School District's Snow Day Challenge

Physical Activity Workgroup

The vision of the Physical Activity Workgroup is for all Rockland children and youth to have access to physical activity every day and meet or exceed the national recommendation to be moderately to vigorously physically active for a minimum of 60 minutes daily.

Our mission is to promote the alignment of schools, families, community and youth in the use of evidence-based strategies to increase physical activity to improve child health, learning readiness and academic outcomes.

The Physical Activity Workgroup uses the following documents to identify evidence-based strategies to promote.

For information about meetings and activities, contact the Rockland County Department of Health Coordinator of Childhood Obesity Prevention.