District Wellness Coordinators

The Rockland County Department of Health convenes the District Wellness Coordinators twice a year to receive peer support, share challenges and solutions and learn about trends and resources.

Each school district in Rockland County has a wellness committee that meets several times during the school year to address topics related to student wellness and their Local Wellness Policy, sometimes called the Student Wellness Policy.

School districts are encouraged to require their schools to form a school health/wellness committee/team to support the principal in implementing the wellness policy. These committees are made up of 5 to 12 members that include:

  • physical education teacher
  • health or classroom teacher
  • School nurse
  • family resource coordinator or PTA
  • School administrator
  • parents
  • community organizations

To support the work of the district and school building wellness committees, the School Coalition will host a series of monthly training and mentoring sessions during the 2017-2018 academic year. For details, see the schedule for the New Norms for Healthy Schools Training and Mentoring Series.

For more information, email the School Health Coordinator or call, 845-364-2360.

Resources to support wellness coordinators and school wellness committees/teams can be found on these websites: