Every day in Rockland County, about five older adults visit the Emergency Room for treatment of a fall-related injury.  Two out of five are hurt badly enough and need to stay in the hospital, often because the fall caused a hip fracture or brain injury. In New York State, falls are the leading cause of injury for those over 65. The good news is... falls can be prevented! 

To help prevent falls, register for the Health Department's free fall-prevention program for older adults:  "A Matter of Balance."  You will learn to:

  • Develop your confidence
  • Set realistic goals to increase your activity
  • Make changes in your home to reduce the risk of falls
  • Exercise to increase your strength and balance 

Call (845) 364-2501 to see when our next Matter of Balance program is scheduled or check the Health Department Calendar.

The Health Department is seeking volunteers for training to become fall-prevention teachers.  Call (845) 364-3839 for more information.

Remember, falls are not accidents and can be prevented!
Here are some ways to prevent a fall: 

  • Exercise
  • Get regular vision and hearing checkups
  • Stay indoors when sidewalks and roads are icy
  • Have your medications reviewed by your doctors (people taking more than four medications may be affected by drug side effects and drug interactions which can lead to falls)
  • Remove clutter from walkways and stairs
  • Install railings on stairs and grab bars in bathrooms
  • Improve the lighting in your home

For more information on fall prevention talk with your doctor or call the New York State Department of Health at (518) 402-7900 or e-mail injury@health.state.ny.us, or visit: