Creating Healthy Communities

Complete Streets:

The grant will work with the Town of Clarkstown to create a Complete Streets Policy and Implement street level projects. Learn more about Complete Streets.

Access to Healthy Food:

Staff at the health department are working with corner stores, food pantries, farmers' markets, concession stands, and organizations and worksites to improve access to healthy food.

  • Bananas.JPGCorner Stores: The Rockland County Department of Health works with bodegas, small corner stores, small neighborhood mini-markets, and convenience stores/delis to promote and sell healthier foods and snacks, and listen to their customers' requests for healthier items.
  • Food PantriesThe Rockland County Department of Health is part of Rockland Community Against Hunger (RCAH), which brings together a network of food pantries and feeding programs, the local Food Bank, and local social services agencies.
  • Rockland Farmers' Markets: The Rockland County Department of Health helps to promote the many Farmers' Markets in the county which offer fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, picked at the peak of flavor and packed with vitamins and minerals. We also do presentations on nutrition, cooking with local produce, and provide seasonal recipes.  
  • Nanuet_Little_League.JPGConcession Stands: The Rockland County Department of Health works with concession stand vendors to promote healthier choices. We work with the Nanuet Little League, the Town of Clarkstown Pool snack bars at Germonds Pool, Lake Nanuet, and Congers Pool.
  • Organizations and Worksites: Almost 40 community-based organizations, work sites and municipalities in Rockland are implementing evidence-based health promotion interventions or strategies to prevent heart disease, stroke, and related conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.  We recognize that personal behavior and choice are important, and individuals are ultimately responsible for the foods they eat and physical activity they engage in. However, it is difficult to make good choices if the foods available in vending machines, cafeterias, at meetings, and events are unhealthy. Through this grant, we can help you make healthful changes to the foods and beverages that are offered, served, and consumed at your company/organization, not only for employees, but also volunteers and community members that utilize your services. At no cost to you, the Rockland County Department of Health can work with you to create a healthy environment that ensures everyone the opportunity to make good choices that help to improve their  health and your business.  Click here to see a list of participating organizations, municipal entities, and worksites. To participate in this free initiative please call 845-364-2500. Find out more here.

Healthy Meeting GuidelinesThe Healthy Meeting Guidelines are a set of nutrition and physical activity suggestions to follow during regularly scheduled meetings or special events. The Rockland County Department of Health encourages work sites, as well as community agencies and faith-based organizations, to adopt these guidelines to help improve the overall health of people living, working and attending meetings in Rockland County.