Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

January 17, 2023
Contact: Beth Cefalu, Director of Strategic Communications (845) 638-5645
                 Patricia Schnabel Ruppert, D.O., M.P.H., CPE, DABFM, FAAFP (845) 364-2512

Worksites in Rockland County Recognized for Being
Lactation Friendly

NEW CITY, NY, - Rockland County Executive Ed Day and County Health Commissioner Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert are proud to announce that Dominican University New York, Finkelstein Memorial Library, and the Rockland Farm Alliance, have become the latest businesses/organizations in Rockland to be recognized as Lactation Friendly Worksites.

Recognized worksites implement several steps to achieve Lactation Friendly Worksite recognition, including creating a written lactation-friendly office policy, implementing environmental changes such as designating lactation spaces and training staff, and supporting individuals while they continue to breastfeed/chestfeed and return to work. The lactation rooms created at worksites can feature items purchased from the NYS Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities Grant, such as comfortable chairs, a hospital-grade breast pump, pumping supplies, educational materials, and a refrigerator for the temporary storage of human milk. Practices that achieve the required steps are recognized by the Rockland County Department of Health's Breastfeeding Promotion and Support Program with a certificate of recognition and are listed on the Rockland County Department of Health's (RCDOH) webpage at To date, nineteen worksites in Rockland have become designated by the RCDOH as lactation friendly.

"Dominican University is so pleased to announce the opening of our new Mothers' Lactation Room and thank the RCDOH for all of their support in this very important initiative. This comfortable, convenient, and private location provides nursing moms with the supplies needed to pump and refrigerate milk for their babies. We are committed to supporting all of our nursing moms who are balancing the demands of their personal life with work or education," said Lisa Kayal, Director of Human Resources.

"Being a first-time mom, a full-time student, and a full-time employee, juggling all has been a challenge, but the Nursing Mothers' Room in Prusmack provides one with a sense of relief. I struggled at first trying to pump sufficient breast milk for my baby. The Nursing Mothers' room provides a clean, relaxing, spacious, and private space where I can confidently pump. It eliminates the fear of wasting my 'precious gold.' As a student in the Nursing program, the location is perfect, and I can pump between my classes without any worries," said Daesha Williams, a Dominican University Nursing Program student.

"Finkelstein Memorial Library is family-oriented, and we are so excited and proud to be a breastfeeding-friendly workplace. The new lactation space will provide a safe, private, and comfortable area where nursing mothers can provide for their children. We are grateful for the opportunity and thank the RCDOH for the support," said Laura Wolven, Finkelstein Memorial Library Director.

"As a women-led organization and a new mom myself, we are grateful to have this NYS grant to help bring communities together. It's our goal to be inclusive, supportive, and, most importantly, human. Allowing us the guidance to establish a worksite-lactation program to help make our work environment more family-friendly will enable us to make our community impact stronger. We couldn't be more appreciative for the guidance from the RCDOH to be a part of creating a breastfeeding-friendly community," said Sue Ferreri, Executive Director of Rockland Farm Alliance.

"Supporting breastfeeding/chestfeeding is an important chronic disease prevention strategy with proven health benefits for nursing persons and their babies. These businesses/organizations worked hard with their staff to develop and implement a lactation policy and a safe environment that encourages breastfeeding/chestfeeding while providing support to lactating working employees. I congratulate them on their successful efforts," said Dr. Ruppert.

"Creating lactation-friendly worksites helps us reduce barriers that nursing individuals face and create a culture in the community where lactating individuals feel comfortable and supported in feeding human milk to their babies," said Laurie Messinger, IBCLC, Rockland County Department of Health Lactation Consultant.

Medical practices (Ob/Gyn, Pediatric, and Family Medicine), worksites, childcare centers, and childcare homes are encouraged to call the Health Department at (845) 364-3786 or email for assistance in becoming designated as Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Friendly. For more information, visit