Vaccine Allocation

New York State (NYS) will distribute the vaccine in phases based on need and risk. The State also develops the program for distribution and authorizes the vaccination sites. See NYS guidance on whom vaccine providers may vaccinate.

NOTE: Allocations listed below are for informational purposes only. It does not mean that any appointments are available. Vaccinations performed by hospitals, local pharmacies, physician networks, or practice groups must be made through them. An appointment is required. If you visit a location without an appointment, you will not receive a vaccine.

Rockland County Vaccine Allocation, Week 18: April 12 - 18, 2021

*The vaccine allocation information was provided by New York State and is pending actual delivery of the vaccine.

PFE = Pfizer-BioNTech;  MRNA = Moderna;  JJ = Johnson & Johnson

TypeLocation LinkPFEMRNAJJ
PharmacyGenoa Healthcare, LLC 2018601000
PharmacyMedWiz Pharmacy00100
FQHCMonsey Family Health03000
HospitalMontefiore Nyack Hospital02000
PharmacyNew City Pharmacy03000
PharmacyPearl River ShopRite01000
LHDRockland County Department of Health - Pomona012000
PharmacyRockland Psychiatric00100

Allocation History (DOH Only)

WeekTotal Allocation
1-3 0
4 1,000
5 200
6 2,100
7 1,300
8 900
9 900
10 1,200
11 1,200
12 1,700
13 1,700
14 2,800
15 2,670
16 1200
17 1700
18 1200
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