BioReference Instructions

The Bio Reference Patient Portal is meant for patients who have been tested for COVID-19 at Anthony Wayne Recreational Area in Harriman State Park to view their results online.

Step #1 – go to:

BioReference Patient Portal
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Step #2 – click on (TEST RESULTS) at the of the home page.

BioReference Test Results
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Step #3 – Create an account.

Step #4 – Fill in information.

Step #5 – Confirm and click (NEXT).

Step #6 – Click on (User Agreement) and click (YES).

Step #7 – Verify your ID and the people within your household that were tested.

Step #8 – You will see a screen with number ZERO (#0), you must scroll down and click on (SCREENING AND CULTURES).

Step #9 – If results are available you will be able to see them.

*Please note, if the portal doesn't have the results but they get the message that they have been successfully registered but no results found. They will have to speak with a Bio Reference representative.