Important Updates/News:

Because of high levels of immunity and availability of effective COVID-19 prevention and management tools, QUARANTINE of exposed persons is no longer recommended, REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS. Persons who have had recent confirmed or suspected exposure to an infected person should wear a mask for 10 days around others when indoors in public and should receive testing ≥5 days after exposure (or sooner, if they are symptomatic), irrespective of their vaccination status.

ISOLATION of cases remains unchanged, full details can be found here

RCDOH is no longer routinely contacting all COVID cases and their contacts. Those who require isolation orders or release notices should use the self-service options above. 

Test to Treat allows people to get tested and – if they are positive and treatments are appropriate for them – receive a prescription from a health care provider, and have their prescription filled all at one location. Find a test-to-treat center with this locator.

CDC has provided a calculator for isolation and quarantine, which will help users determine how long one should isolate or quarantine, whether they should get tested, and how long they should take precautions, such as wearing a mask around others in public. 

CDC’s  COVID-19 Community Level tool, classifies every county in the US into low, medium, or high, with recommended prevention measures for each level. CDC, NYS and RCDOH recommend individuals at high risk continue to mask or discuss appropriate precautions with their providers.

Order Your Free Test Kits:  Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests. Order your tests at

Know Your COVID-19 Community Level

COVID-19 Community Level is a new tool from the CDC to help communities decide what prevention steps to take based on the latest data. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in an area. Go the the CDC's COVID-19 Community Level tool to see levels in our area.



Commissioner's Note

A note from Dr. Ruppert, the Rockland County Commissioner of Health

As we continue to move forward, the message remains to take precautions to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 based on the COVID-19 Community Level in your area. Follow the CDC guidance on protecting yourself and others and continue to take any necessary COVID-19 safety precautions that work best for you and your family.

We continue to follow New York State guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The state lifted many mandates, such as the statewide mask-or-vaccine requirement for indoor businesses. Individual businesses can continue to choose to put in place their own masking or other COVID-19 requirements. Also, NYS has lifted the mask mandate for K-12 schools and childcare, allowing mask-wearing to be optional. The masking requirement remains in effect statewide for specific settings like health care facilities and nursing homes.

I encourage you and your family to continue using prevention measures to keep everyone safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Seniors and immunocompromised individuals are especially vulnerable to hospitalization and death from COVID-19. Because vaccines do not offer 100% protection, additional protective measures, such as mask-wearing and social distancing, will provide additional protection. In addition to COVID-19 vaccination and boosters, we have even more COVID-19 prevention tools at our disposal. Residents can sign up to receive free test kits. We now have Test to Treat sites that allow you to get tested, and if positive and treatments are appropriate for you, you can receive a prescription from a health care provider and have a prescription filled all at one location. The health department offers vaccination clinics alongside many pharmacies, healthcare practices, and the state vaccination site located at Good Samaritan Hospital.

It is essential to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines. If you are eligible for booster doses, do not wait, now is the time to get it. Utilizing all the prevention tools at hand, we can help prevent severe disease and minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your Spring and a fun-filled Summer!

May 12, 2022