Mar 09, 2015
Hazardous Material Team Responds to Two Calls in Two Days
The Rockland County Hazardous Material Team responded to two calls in Rockland, one in Stony Point and one in Haverstraw. See the attached file for more information.
Nov 13, 2014
Rockland County Technical Rescue Team
Recently the RC TRT assisted on two different and challenging incidents recently. Working under the direction of Pearl River's and West Haverstraw's Fire Chiefs the team assisted the volunteer firefighters. You can activate the team by contacting 44-Control. They can also provide demos of the teams capabilities, please contact Dan Greeley, RC Assistant Director of Fire & Emergency Services at...
Oct 24, 2014
Rockland County's Technical Rescue Team
The County's Technical Rescue Team (TRT) conducts monthly training for it's members.  This team has continually progressed with their capabilities by combining the foresight of the teams leadership,  the dedication to training by it's membership and Chris Jensen's efforts in securing grant money.  If you have not discussed the teams abilities recently please give Dan Greeley a call at...
Apr 16, 2014
1st Quarter 2014 Rockland County Fire Training Center Report
During the 1st quarter 2,753 volunteer firefighters came to the RC FTC to train. Please see the Press Release for details on the props used and the number of people using them, also you can see the breakdown by Fire Dept of how many times a FD has visited and the number of Firefighters trained.
Dec 11, 2013
Rockland County and OSHA hosts courses
Rockland County and OSHA are proud to announce that the alliance between OSHA and the Rockland County Office of Fire & Emergency Services will continue in 2014. Attached is a flyer announcing the first two briefings being offered in 2014 - HazCom in January and the Top Ten Violations in February. It looks like March we will brief the Confined Space Standard. If you have any standard that you...
Sep 10, 2013
Technical Rescue Team Trains on "Pick Off" Maneuver
The Rockland County's Technical Rescue Team has been having monthly drills on High Angle Rescues.  This past Sunday morning, September 8, 2013, the team trained on performing a "Pick Off".  A "Pick Off" is a maneuver where a rescuer rappels to a victim that may be stuck on the side of a building or structure, such as a window washer.
Aug 19, 2013
RC Technical Rescue Teams Hosts High Angle Rescue Training
On August 18, 2013 the Rockland County Technical Rescue Team put all their learning and training into a full-scale exercise at Gurnee Park. This 4-hour exercise tested the members under real conditions, operating in a simulated resuce of a downed hiker.
Jul 18, 2013
RC FTC Celebrate's 40th Anniversary
On September 30, 2013 the Rockland County Fire Training Center will celebrate it's 40th Anniversary with a fund raising dinner at the Casa Mia Manor House in Blauvelt. Come help us clebrate our 40 years of Training Rockland County's Volunteer Fire Service - Still 100% Volunteer.
Jul 05, 2013
Fire Training Center 1st Half 2013 Report
From January 1st till June 30th six thousand four hundred and fifty one volunteer firefighters (6,451) trained at the Fire Training Center. Also annouced a new revision of the County's Incident Command System will be completed soon. We also have 2 new Deputy Fire Coordinators.
May 24, 2013
RC OFES and OSHA hosts Trench Awareness Briefing
Rockland County's Office of Fire & Emergency Services and Federal OSHA held a two-hour briefing on OSHA's Trench Standard at the Rockland County Fire Training Center.  Participants learned about the standard, the safety requirements to protect workers and reviewed several incidents where a trench collapsed.  Rockland County's Technical Rescue Team has had two successful trench rescues...
May 24, 2013
RC Technical Rescue Team Hosts 3 Day Training Exercise
For the past several months the County's Technical Rescue Team has been having monthly drills on Trench Rescues.  This past weekend, Friday evening May 17th through Sunday, May 19th, the team put their learning's into a full-scale exercise at the Rockland County Fire Training Center.
May 15, 2013
Fire Training Center April 2013 Report
1,140 volunteer firefighters came to the RCFTC to train during the month of April.  This brings the year to date figure to 4,644 volunteers.  Over six hundred firefighters received live fire training in the "Burn Building" which continues to be the most used training prop at the Training Center.  The Andrew Fredericks Fire Safety Building is the second most used training prop as three hundred...
Apr 18, 2013
NENY Safety & Health Council Training
RCOFES has teamed up with NENY Safety and Health Council, a local chapter of National Safety Council, to provide "Proactive Safety Management, Safety Inspections & Audits, and Introduction to Industrial Hygiene". These classes will be offered in June and July for industry and government employees and are FREE.
Apr 12, 2013
Training for Regional Collaboration
The Rockland County Fire Training Center, in conjunction with the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Training and Education Division announced this collaborative training opportunity for Mid to Senior Level Emergency Management, EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Public Works Officials and Private Sector Leaders.
Apr 03, 2013
Great Turnout for RCFTC's Youth Acdemy
Rockland County's Fire & EMS Youth Academy attracts 50 young adults exploring the exciting world of the volunteer Emergency 1st Responders. The first day these young men and women received their turn out gear that they will be wearing throughout the academy.
Mar 20, 2013
Haz Mat Team Responds to Route 59, Spring Valley
On March 19, 2013 at 2019 hours Spring Valley Fire Dept (17) were summoned to a call on Route 59 for a truck leaking diesel fuel. The Assistant Chief Robert Johnson Jr (17-2) called for the County's Hazardous Material Team to assist them.
Mar 04, 2013
Fire Training Center Report February 2013
During the month of February almost 1,300 firefighters came through our doors to train. Winter training is going very well. New Firefighter I classes are running. New Forcible Entry prop installed. See which Fire Departments came up for department drills.
Feb 22, 2013
RC Technical Rescue Team February Drill
The Rockland County Technical Rescue Team (RC TRT) had another drill on Tuesday, February 19, it was a simulation of a worker down in a confined space, such as a sewer or tunnel.
Feb 22, 2013
Another Successful OSHA Training Class
On Thursday, Feb 21, The Fire Training Center hosted another OSHA class to promote the understanding and education of the various OSHA Standards; this time on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Feb 20, 2013
Fire Training Center Report January 2013
Here's an update on events and training offered at the FTC during the month of January 2013. Also information on several fire incidents.
Jan 30, 2013
Youth Academy 1st Session Dates for 2013
The Rockland County Fire Training Center is pleased to announce that the Youth Academy dates have been selected and we have begun accepting members. You can get the full class schedule and application form on our Training and Events page.
Jan 28, 2013
RCFTC Gets New Training Prop
The RCFTC received Delivery of the new Propane Feed Car Fire Training Prop on Jan 23, 2013. This state of the art training Prop will soon be ready to use for training at the FTC.
Jan 25, 2013
OSHA Lock Out Tag Out Training
RCFTC teams with OSHA to Brief Workers on Lock Out Tag Out Procedures. On Jan 23, 2012 the FTC hosted an OSHA Briefing. This free briefing was opened to public and private employers and their employees. Please see the attched on future dates for training.
Jan 24, 2013
United Water Hydrant Codes
VFD Information: Just a reminder of the system United Water New York uses on their Hyrant Colors.
Jan 24, 2013
What Does it Mean to Exercise Leadership?
Coffe Break Training "What Does it Mean to Exercise Leadership? A quick tidbit from the NFA and their Executive Leadership Program. The book they mention - "Leadership On the Line - Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading," Heifetz, R.A., Linsky, M., Harvard Business Press, Boston, Mass., 2002 - is a pretty good book and worth your investment in time and money (about $20 on Amazon). The book...
Jan 22, 2013
Nanuet Fire Department Hazardous Call
VFD Information: Nanuet FD called to McDonalds for System Malfunction on Mon, Jan 21, 2013. The NuCO2 system that carbonates the soda was malfunctioning. This can be a very dangerous situation.
Jan 18, 2013
Youth Academy & Fire Explorer Programs
The Rockland County Fire Training Center is pleased to announce that the Fire Explorer's Program and the Youth Academy are accepting members for the 2013 programs. For more information click here.
Jan 16, 2013
Rockland Regional Technical Rescue Team Holds First Training Drill
On Tuesday evening, January 15th, the Rockland Regional Technical Rescue Team (TRT) held their first training drill of 2013 at the RCFTC. The topic of January's drill was Confined Space Emergencies. The team reviewed their procedures and equipment.