The Drug Task Force investigates and prosecutes individuals and organizations involved in the trafficking of controlled substances and their illicit proceeds in Rockland County. The Task Force is staffed by seasoned prosecutors who work closely with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to combat drug distribution and related violence in each of Rockland's towns and villages.

Prosecutors assigned to the Task Force try felony drug cases in County Court. Some of these cases result in the seizure of cash and/or other assets obtained by a defendant during the course of their criminal activities.  The unit is also responsible for coordinating long-term narcotics investigations.

Oversight, management, direction and field operations of the Rockland County Drug Task Force are under the command of the District Attorney's office.  The unit is staffed by investigative personnel from the District Attorney's Office, the Rockland County Sheriff's Department and local police departments

The Drug Task Force works locally to combat open air and street-level narcotics dealing by teaming with Rockland County's town and village police departments and the New York State Police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team. The combined efforts of local residents, Community Prosecutors and the Task Force continue to make Rockland a safe place to live and work.

The DTF has garnered national recognition for its leadership role in the use of investigative technology in support of its investigations.

Drug dependency attaches itself to all walks of life. The Drug Task Force works with a variety of community outreach programs, including the Rockland Council on Alcoholism and other Drug Dependence (RCADD). RCADD provides the local community with prevention programs and services; resources for those affected by addiction; and support for those working to maintain sobriety.  Law enforcement cannot do it alone. To report the unlawful manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs in your community, use tip411_rgb_wpresslogojpg.jpg to send a message to the Rockland County Drug Task Force. 

Learn more about tip411_rgb_wpresslogojpg.jpg in our brochure and read our press release.

Rockland County's most popular street drugs

Below are some of the most popular street drugs in Rockland County.

Photo of 2 bags of marijuana

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Photo of crack
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Photo of 4 packets of heroin
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Photo showing oxycodone pills of various sizes
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Photo of Opana pills
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Photo showing bags of cocaine of various sizes
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