The highly-effective Drug Market Intervention (DMI) program was launched in Rockland County in 2010.

DMI is designed to eliminate open-air drug markets throughout our community. The initiative concentrates law enforcement efforts on an identified drug market area to ultimately rid the target location of narcotics trafficking through collaboration with prosecutors and community members.

The DMI Coordinator works closely with Community Prosecutors and the Rockland County Drug Task Force to develop 'Call-In' meetings - a community confrontation of the identified nonviolent, low-level drug dealers in the focus area.

At the 'Call-In,' the offenders are given the opportunity to choose to stop their criminal behavior or be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is this community collaboration with law enforcement and prosecution that has made this program successful in cities across the nation.

The Drug Market Intervention program has achieved great success in the Villages of Haverstraw and Spring Valley.

Drug Market Intervention is Community Prosecution working at its best. Detectives, police officers and prosecutors unite with local businesses owners, clergy and concerned citizens who desire to be safe in their own neighborhoods.

The DMI strategy is a promise to vigorously prosecute repeat, violent and/or group offenders who continue to engage in illegal drug selling and/or violent activity. It also is an offer by the community to assist those who want to change their lifestyles by delivering the tools to do so.

DMI guidelines call for any offender who violates their promise to stop selling drugs will be arrested and sent to jail.