Mission Statement

Official seal of the District AttorneyThe Rockland County District Attorney's Office has the responsibility and authority to both investigate and prosecute crimes and offenses in Rockland County and undertake all efforts necessary to proactively prevent the commission of crimes. It is the mission of this Office to protect the people of Rockland County through the vigorous prosecution of crime and aggressive crime prevention measures. In all cases, the primary objective of the Office is the administration of justice.

A District Attorney is empowered to prosecute cases on behalf of the government and its people. With that comes the expectation of fairness and humility. The District Attorney, by example, sets the bar for all law enforcement and their conduct must be nothing short of exemplary.

The District Attorney has absolute discretion to determine the scope, manner, and method of prosecution. Assistant District Attorneys are appointed pursuant to the County Law and serve at the pleasure of the District Attorney. Assistant District Attorneys exercise their own prosecutorial discretion within policy guidelines established by the District Attorney.

The District Attorney of Rockland County is an independently elected public official whose powers and duties are set forth in Rockland County Law. Prosecutorial authority is delegated, by law, to a staff of Assistant District Attorneys. By law, the 62 elected District Attorneys in New York State are accountable to the electorate, not any other governmental body.

A Message from Acting DA Kevin Gilleece

Official seal of the District AttorneyPublic safety is our top priority in the Rockland County District Attorney's Office. Since first taking office in 2008, our successful track record of prosecution has been combined with innovative crime prevention efforts. This evolution from a reactive law enforcement agency to a proactive, forward-thinking organization has made our office a leader among district attorney offices in New York State and across the nation.

My dedicated team of 30 full-time prosecutors and I are committed to insuring that offenders are held accountable for their criminal conduct. Not only must we punish the guilty, but we must protect the innocent. It is a mission we pursue with focus and passion: fighting for the victims of crime while maintaining public trust and confidence.

With Community Prosecution well-established in towns and villages across the county, I encourage all residents to interact with my team of community-based prosecutors. By reaching out, you will play a vital role in helping to identify and solve problems that contribute to crime and pose hazards to public safety in your neighborhood.

For 2013, we will continue to drive down violent crime, root out economic crime, protect children, help victims, expand our crime prevention and diversion efforts and promote fairness in our criminal justice system, all with fiscal responsibility in mind.

I look forward to continuing to work with you to make Rockland County a safe and wholesome place to live, work and raise a family.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact my office at (845) 638-5001, or e-mail us at info@rocklandcountyda.com.

Kevin Gilleece
Acting District Attorney