James J. Foley ~ Dist 17 Legislator

   (845) 638-5751  ~  FoleyJa@co.rockland.ny.us

  • Committee Member: Economic Development, Environmental and Public Safety

I am a lifelong Rockland resident with a long family history here. Many of my ancestors are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery plot in Nyack going back to 1841, and several family members were here in Orangetown well before that.

I have never moved out of this great county but have lived in a few different parts of it, including Valley Cottage and Nyack. I now live in Grand View on Hudson with my wife and daughter.

I married a beautiful and hardworking Italian citizen 20 years ago and have great respect for those, then and now, who use our society as a place to improve themselves and add to our amazing and ever-changing culture. I believe diversity is one of Rockland's greatest assets.

I have a bright and fun daughter and realize that today more than ever, education and hard work is the key to personal progress. The quality of our public-school systems is something we all agree is a key factor in choosing to raise a family here, and that quality needs to be maintained.

Even with a sound basic education as a starting point, our most recent generation will need to make very few mistakes if they are to have a fulfilling life and material success.

Education has played a significant role in my own personal and professional life. I have a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University; a license to practice Psychotherapy in NYS, NJ and CT; a Certification for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders from Ohio University; and a Certification for the Treatment of Juvenile Sexual Offenders from University of Louisville; and I have been practicing as a Sexual Offender Treatment Specialist for approximately 20 years.

I also spent time working in outpatient substance abuse rehab facilities and Continuing Day Treatment for mental illness. I also operated a private practice in ‪Nanuet‬ for psychotherapy that was independently certified to evaluate impaired drivers for NYS DMV.‬

Up until my term of County Legislator began, for a period of 23 years, I was employed by the County of Rockland Mental Health Department. I resigned that full-time civil service job to take on the role of County Legislator. I realize that the future of our county is more important, and it's a small price to pay for trying to ensure we have a county worthy of raising our families in.

I own a modest amount of rental real estate and have built a few homes to sell for profit. As such, I have a decent understanding of what draws people to Rockland County and what inspires them to remain here.

Despite my history in government employment, owning my own business forces me to be constantly aware of the real and unbendable financial forces that business and employers in the private sector must manage. This real estate ownership has me very much in touch with the property tax burden on the average homeowner, and I feel their pain.

In November 2019, with no prior attempts at office, I defeated a two-term incumbent on a platform of Rockland Democrats and Republicans voting in unity as a message against corruption, over-building, and grave harm done to a public school district.

In office, I will continue my appeal to bipartisan efforts against corruption, so we can protect the Rockland County we love.

I look forward to serving my constituents and preserving the great way of life we have here in Rockland County.