Message from Vice Chairman Alden Wolfe:
In the spring of 2012, Columbia University students enrolled in the Sustainable Development Workshop commenced a project for Dr. Daniel Miller, Hydrologist with the Rockland County Health Department, to carry out a cost benefit analysis on seven potential water savings programs in order to advise the Bureau on the potential water savings and cost effectiveness of possible water conservation programs.   The analyses yielded potential for positive water savings.

Columbia University students presented the results of a term project that examined water ordinances adopted in communities around the country to Legislature's Environmental Committee, chaired by Legislature Alden H. Wolfe - December 12, 2012

Of particular interest to me was the analysis of outdoor, non-emergency ordinances adopted in communities around the country.  At my request, workshop directors agreed to make a more in-depth examination of water ordinances, the project for the 2012 Fall Semester of the Sustainable Development Workshop.

In December 2012 student members of the Fall team, along with their advisors, presented the results of their research project to Legislature's Environmental Committee. The presentation included case study highlights and conclusions from the group of communities studied.  Attention was given to lessons that may be applied in Rockland County to create the water conservation policy contemplated by our Comprehensive Plan. The slide presentation and study reports may be viewed at the links that appear at the bottom of this page.

It was a pleasure to work with these highly motivated and intelligent students on such an important project and I thank them for their interest in our county's water conservation needs.  A special thank you is extended to Adjunct Associate Research Scientist Stuart Braman of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Dr. Stuart Gaffin, Advisor, Columbia University and to Dr. Daniel Miller, the Director of the Rockland County Bureau of Water Supply who initiated the 2012 spring project.

The study reports and slide presentation are as follows...