Reviving and Rebuilding Rockland

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was passed by Congress and signed into law on March 11, 2021. This $1.9 trillion economic relief package delivers on the commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

A Message to Rockland County Residents, Business Owners, and Community Organizations from County Executive Ed Day and County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr.:

"There is not a single person who was not impacted in some way, shape or form by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have made great progress in recovering from the multi-faceted impacts of COVID-19 we must do more to support our families, local organizations, businesses and first responders.

To ensure our recovery stays on track, we will utilize the $63.18 million in funding Rockland is receiving from the American Rescue plan for programs encompassing everything including mental health services, food security initiatives, support for businesses and frontline workers, and affordable housing.

These programs will help ensure our economic recovery stays on track and we encourage all eligible entities to apply as soon as possible. These last two years have been difficult for all of us and we in County government are doing all that we can to Revive and Rebuild Rockland.”

- County Executive Ed Day, County Legislature Chairman Jay Hood Jr.

Rockland County SLFRF Recovery Plan

The Recovery Plan Performance Report will provide the public and Treasury information on the
projects that recipients are undertaking with program funding and how they are planning to ensure
program outcomes are achieved in an effective, efficient, and equitable manner.

Performance Reports:

This page will be regularly updated to provide complete transparency during this process.