Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

June 19, 2023

Contact: Beth Cefalu,
Director of Strategic Communications
(845) 638-5645

Statement From County Executive Ed Day

"As a former first responder I am appalled at the fact that the Lloyd and Hurston families will not get the justice they deserve, as the reports are indicating the two people responsible for this deadly blaze will likely not face any jail time for their reckless and felonious behavior.

While I have no part in this decision, I have spoken at length with the family of Fire Lieutenant Jared Lloyd. There is an unanimity in their position that regardless if there is a guilty verdict by plea or by trial that some jail time is warranted. Their position is that the victims are serving a death sentence and the families are serving a life sentence. With that they tell me that closure and justice will not be achieved without a jail sentence for the guilty parties. I fully and unequivocally support the family’s position.

As a retired member of law enforcement, I have seen and understand that sometimes the judicial system this country was built on falls short of what we’d like. I feel the same anger as everyone else and encourage everyone to direct their questions to the prosecution and judge in hopes of garnering answers."