Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

June 7, 2023

Contact: John Lyon,
Chief of Staff
(845) 638-5127

Response from County Executive Ed Day to NYC Lawsuit

This lawsuit is just the latest attempt by New York City Mayor Eric Adams to distract from his uncoordinated and poorly planned decompression strategy. It also shows, once again, that NYC has no interest in meaningful communication or collaboration with municipalities outside of the city.

When the City of New York declared itself a Sanctuary City it invited these challenges. Now Mayor Adams is pouring gasoline on the fire he started while continuing to try to impose his will upon the rest of the state by breaking local building and zoning laws and violating New York State Social Services rules and regulations.

Rockland County services have already been strained to the breaking point through the natural and organic migration of individuals to our county. This new lawsuit does nothing to address the legitimate concerns of my administration and residents of our county.

I feel sorry for the New York taxpayers who will be stuck paying the bill for the Mayor’s botched plan and this frivolous lawsuit.