Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

June 12, 2023

Contact: Beth Cefalu,
Director of Strategic Communications
(845) 638-5645

Local Organizations Assist DSS Foster Children


New City, NY - The Rockland County Department of Social Services (RCDSS) is pleased to highlight local organizations that are donating their services to children who are served by RCDSS.

Woodmont Day Camp owners Sam and Ilsiha Borek, along with help from Camp Ohana organizer Peter Goldberg, are hosting a free week of camp for all Rockland County foster children which is scheduled for later this summer, providing them with a wonderful experience and lifelong memories.

“I am excited to announce that I am partnering with Woodmont Day Camp to establish Camp Ohana, a week-long day camp experience dedicated to bringing summer camp into the lives of children growing up in foster care,” said Peter Goldberg, who has been a part of the Woodmont family for over 15 years. “Campers will be transformed by the power of positivity as we foster physical and emotional growth to equip them to live happy and healthy lives.”

Woodmont has also donated Comfort Cases to future foster children who come into care. The backpacks are filled with books, toiletries, and many other items aimed at calming children from the stressful circumstances of being removed from caretakers and placed into foster care.

In addition, the New York Boulders donated several hundred tickets to children in foster care and residing in our shelter so that they may enjoy watching a baseball game.

“Summertime should be a carefree time for children. Sadly, that is always not the case for children in foster care and those residing in shelters. I am grateful to Woodmont and the New York Boulders for donating their services so that children serviced by our department get an opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of summer. Their generosity is a true gift to Rockland’s children,” said Commissioner Joan Silvestri from the Department of Social Services.

“Here in Rockland, we recognize that each child has the fundamental right to grow up in a safe and supportive environment and we are truly blessed to have organizations like these stepping up to the plate to provide that crucial support for our children in foster care,” said County Executive Ed Day.