Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

June 6, 2023

Contact: Beth Cefalu,
Director of Strategic Communications
(845) 638-5645

Judge Stays Emergency Order, State Orders Preventing Hotel Operating As Shelter Remain

Statement From County Executive Ed Day

Today, my office received the decision of the Federal Court staying the Local Emergency Order seeking to require New York City to engage with me regarding the City’s “decompression” strategy deporting asylum seekers from the City to Rockland County. My administration is considering all legal options including an appeal of the decision. While the decision prevents the use of the Local Emergency Order unless the decision is reversed, the court’s order has no impact on the existing Temporary Restraining Orders issued by the State court judges and does not allow the City to operate a shelter in Rockland County.

These people are heading to New York City because it is a Sanctuary City and instead of living up to that declaration of Sanctuary, Mayor Eric Adams and the City is exporting them to neighboring municipalities across the State of New York including Rockland County.

It serves no one for people to be shipped to this County by New York City, under the City’s patently false promises of jobs and housing over the long term.

It is important that we municipalities work together to solve these issues yet the City has and continues to refuse to do so. There has been no planning and no communication from the City since this crisis began.

Our Local Emergency Order never barred anyone from coming to the County. Many have arrived here over the last year and are becoming a part of the fabric of our County. But, as we described in our March 7th press conference with Congressman Mike Lawler, the resources we have on hand are already at their breaking point from that organic migration. The only thing this County’s order was barring was Mayor Eric Adams from overstepping his authority by luring people out of New York City with predatory marketing and advertising and turning hotels in Rockland into city-run shelters with no regard for law, zoning, or our capacity on hand.