Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

June 9, 2023

Contact: John Lyon,
Chief of Staff
(845) 638-5127

Judge Expands Temporary Restraining Order

NYC Prohibited from Sheltering Individuals Anywhere in Rockland

New City, NY, - On Thursday, June 8, 2023, a New York State Supreme Court Judge granted a petition by the County of Rockland to prohibit the City of New York from transporting individuals to ANY location to be used as a shelter in Rockland.

“We are appreciative of the court’s agreement with our filing which now prohibits the City from attempting to utilize any other Rockland locations as shelters, including but no longer limited to the Armoni Inn and Suites,” said Rockland County Attorney Thomas Humbach.

“New York City and Mayor Eric Adams are not trustworthy; they still have not contacted my administration with any details of their plans as required by NYS policy. They have continued to blindside officials and municipalities throughout the state with their illegal decompression strategy,” said County Executive Ed Day. “This expanded restraining order will keep Mayor Adams from overstepping his authority and prevent any further attempts to break local building and zoning laws and violate New York State Social Services rules and regulations.”

Additionally, the County of Rockland intends to file an appeal contesting the Federal Court’s decision staying enforcement of the Local Emergency Order. The Order prohibited other municipalities from bringing and housing people in the County without planning that program with the cooperation of the County to ensure the interests of the County’s residents and the interests of those people being relocated are addressed. The Order also required that other municipalities prove that any such individuals would be fully cared and paid for in the short and long-term.

“My team and I are continuing to develop strategies in service to the people of Rockland. We will not stop fighting against New York City’s discriminatory decompression strategy and will provide more information once our plans and these potential actions are fully developed,” said County Executive Day.

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