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October 4, 2023

Contact: Beth Cefalu,
Director of Strategic Communications
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Jacob Tanenbaum Named 2023 County Executive’s Outstanding Environmental Volunteer

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Jacob Tanenbaum (left) with Chief of Staff John Lyon (right).

New City, NY, - Rockland County Chief of Staff John Lyon and the Division of Environmental Resources presented the 26th County Executive’s Outstanding Environmental Volunteer Award to Jacob Tanenbaum during a ceremony at Kennedy Dells County Park in New City.

“I am thrilled to honor an individual who has been a hero and champion for the environment for years and, without question, is extremely deserving of this award,” said Chief of Staff John Lyon.

Tanenbaum has been actively involved in the American Eel Project at Minisceongo Creek for 5 years, which is locally coordinated by our Soil and Water Conservation District. Each year, the data collected from this project is submitted to the NYS DEC who use it to determine the population status of the American eel.

Jacob has also worked extensively with Turtles of Western Highway a division of Hudson Valley Humane Society, all in addition to his career as an elementary teacher. Thanks to this effort no adult turtles have been killed on Western Highway during the past six years.

“Jacob is consistently going above and beyond on behalf of the people of Rockland, and the future generations of Rocklanders to come and I thank you for your dedication and hard work preserving and protecting this County,” concluded Chief of Staff Lyon. “It is only through the efforts of people like Jacob that Rockland County remains the beautiful place that we all cherish.”

A Serviceberry tree was planted in his honor at Kennedy Dells County Park.

Outstanding Environmental Volunteer Award Winner Jacob Tanenbaum was grateful for the recognition saying in part, “I am so appreciative that everyone is coming out to support environmental work in Rockland. Our environment is what brings many of us here to this beautiful County. We’re so close to New York City and are lucky to have so much green space, which we have because we work to protect it.”

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