Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

November 14, 2023

Contact: Beth Cefalu,
Director of Strategic Communications
(845) 638-5645

2024 Proposed Budget Affirmed By New York State Comptroller

County’s 10th & Final Review By NYS Comptroller

New City, NY, - The New York State Comptroller's Office has given its approval to County Executive Ed Day's 2024 Proposed Budget.

The New York State Comptroller's Office reviewed the proposed $870 million 2024 spending plan, which includes a 2% property tax cut, more funding for our college tuition assistance for volunteer fire fighters and emergency responders, and more investments in social services.

"Based on the results of our review, we found that the significant revenue and expenditure projections in the proposed budget are reasonable," wrote Assistant Comptroller Randy L. Partridge in a letter to the County Executive and members of the Rockland County Legislature.

This is the 10th and final review from the New York State Comptroller’s Office, as the County’s deficit bond will be paid off in 2024.

"I thank the Comptroller's Office for their review of the 2024 Proposed Budget," said County Executive Day. "We have come a long way in Rockland, but I promise you this administration will continue the prudent and protective practices that have gotten us this far to preserve our County for future generations. I additionally want to thank Rockland Finance Commissioner Stephen DeGroat and Deputy Budget Director Steve Grogan for their efforts on this budget.”

The County has been working diligently with the Rockland County Legislature through the budget review process and look forward to continuing working together until a final budget is adopted.