Ed Day, Rockland County Executive

September 14, 2022

County Lifts Stage II Water Emergency

Families Urged to Continue Reducing Water Usage


New City, NY - County Executive Ed Day and Commissioner of Health Dr. Patricia Schnabel Ruppert have lifted the Modified Stage II Water Emergency, effective immediately, that has been in effect since Thursday 8/18/2022 in Rockland County and instead shift restrictions from mandatory to voluntary.

Dry conditions have led to unprecedented flow levels in the Ramapo River which limited the use of Veolia’s Ramapo Valley Well Field, a significant source of water for Rockland residents, which triggered the water emergency.

Water usage has fallen about 15% in Rockland County since mandatory restrictions were enacted and families are urged to continue limiting usage and keeping outdoor watering to a minimum.

"I want to thank our residents and businesses for taking this water emergency seriously. Thanks to your diligent efforts, water usage is down 15%," said County Executive Ed Day "While restrictions are no longer mandatory, we are still urging everyone to continue to keep water usage to a minimum."

The decision was made Wednesday by the County for several reasons including recent rainfall which has driven up water levels up in the river and Lake DeForest Reservoir. Additionally with poliovirus still circulating, we are encouraging more frequent handwashing and we don’t want families in the County to limit indoor usage that could impact hygiene care. Lastly, we know families have been struggling already with record-high inflation and high gas prices and want to shield them from the 25% surcharge, implemented by the Public Service Commission, which would have taken effect this weekend.

"Staying out of the water emergency largely rests with the continued cooperation of Rockland residents," added County Executive Day.

These water saving measures, which primarily impact outdoor water usage, apply to all residents and businesses, regardless of whether the water is from a public supplier or private well.

Water Use Recommendations:


Lawns may be watered twice a week.

Gardens & Landscape

Flower gardens, vegetable gardens and landscaped areas (trees, shrubs, potted plants or other outdoor plants) can be watered every other day.

Other Recommendations:

  • Nursery facilities and golf courses should continue to exercise a water conservation plan which reduces average monthly usage by 10%.
  • Water should not be used to wash any paved surfaces (public or private) such as streets, sidewalks, driveways, tennis courts, garages, parking areas and patios, except as required for an emergency.
  • Water should not be served in restaurants unless the patron requests it.
  • The use of flow-through (non-recycled) fountains, artificial waterfalls and reflecting pools should continue to not be used.
  • Water should not be used for flushing sewers or hydrants except for emergencies.
  • All water leaks should be repaired within 48 hours.

Continue to use water efficiently indoors with low-flow shower heads and toilets (look for the Water Sense label if purchasing new fixtures), fix any leaks, sweep rather than wash paved surfaces, run only full loads in washing machines and dish washers, don’t use toilets to dispose of tissues, and consider switching to high-efficiency appliances when it’s time for replacement.