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Below you will find tutorials and other media that will help guide your through basic functions on Microsoft SharePoint/OneDrive which we use to facilitate our portal system.

If you require additional assistance please contact us at

Register for an Account
Use this if you are new to the CBFOP and have not uploaded documents in the past.

I Already Have an Account
Use this to have the link to your folder sent to you.

Forms, Documentation, and Guidelines


I can't find the email from the portal

The easiest way to find the invitation email is to use your email's search function to search for this id: 7E4QSNXG

You may also browse your inbox for an email with the subject line of "Jeffs, Justin has shared..." or "Best, Andy has shared..."

NOTE: We have been seeing our portal invitation emails routed to Spam or Junk mail folders, especially in Gmail, please check these folders

What the email looks like:

CBFOP-Invite-Email.jpgClick to zoom

How do I get back to my folder on the portal?

You must use the link in the invitation email that was sent to you after you registered. An easy way to find the invitation email is to use your email's search function and search for this id: 7E4QSNXG

CBFOP-Invite-Email.jpgClick to zoom

My password isn't working. How do I reset it?

Please visit the Microsoft account access help page:

Please be sure to read the "If password reset doesn't work" if you continue to have trouble.

I don't know what email or user ID I used to create the account, can you help?

Yes, we can! Please send an email to Please include your name, title, the name of your organization and a phone number that you can be reached at.

I have replaced the person that did this last year, how do I get access to the portal?

Please complete our portal registration form here: Portal Access Request Form

Portal Tutorials

The tutorials provided below for help with the Rockland County CBFOP and other document portals. Since Microsoft provides our document portal services, some of the tutorials are provided and maintained by Microsoft Corporation.

Some of the video tutorials provided here and the associated web site have been created by Microsoft Corporation and are copyright protected. These links are external to the website and are subject to the statements of the Rockland County website disclaimer.