Election Equipment

Poll_Pad_2.jpgElectronic Poll Pads - Improving the Voter Experience

In November 2019, Electronic Poll Pads debuted in Rockland County. In 2020, all elections run by The Board of Elections in the County of Rockland transitioned to Electronic Poll Pads.


1. What is it? An Electronic Poll Pad replaces the paper poll book. The Poll Pad is an electronic poll book. Voters check in and sign in using the Poll Pad.

2. Is it hard to use? Nope. Think supermarket checkout. The Poll Pad is similar. It is a tablet and voters sign in using a stylus.

3. Why the switch? The Electronic Poll Pad is a quick, efficient way to process voters. No more searching through pages. Inspectors will ask your name and will then likely verify your address to be sure they have the correct voter.

4. Any tricks? If you would like to streamline check-in further, bring your mail check card or driver license (provided your license number was used for registration and is in our file). ID is NOT required at the polls, unless you failed to provide identification at the time of registration. In that case, you will have to provide identification the first time you come to vote. However, if your license is on file, we can scan the barcode on the back of your NYS Driver License and speed up the check in. The same is true for the mail check card most voters receive annually. Check the back of your card. The lower righthand corner includes your Voter ID number and a barcode. Bring the card to the poll site or early voting center and we can scan your code for faster service.

5. What's next? Once you check in, you will be directed to either a poll print station (Early Voting) or a ballot table (Election Day Voting). Early Voting Centers utilize Ballot on Demand, allowing any registered voter to access all sites. Live in Orangetown, but work in Clarkstown? During Early Voting, you can run to the Clarkstown Early Voting Center during your lunch hour. On Election Day, a voter must go to his or her assigned poll site. For Election Day, ballots are printed in advance.


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