Special COVID -19 Message for 2020 Candidates, Voters, and the General Public

As you are all aware by now, we are in the midst of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 public health crisis, which the Board of Elections is monitoring. Effective immediately, this office is taking steps to protect our customers and staff from COVID-19.

The General Election will take place on November 3, 2020. Early Voting and Election Day Voting are proceeding as scheduled. The State Legislature passed a bill allowing the risk of infection under the temporary illness category. This bill will be sent to the Governor and will not take effect until he signs it into law. For more information: voterinfo@co.rockland.ny.us.

Limit your exposure - Go Virtual!

There are many transactions available online through the DMV Voter Registration Site. Visit https://dmv.ny.gov/more-info/electronic-voter-registration-application to:

1. Register to Vote Online.
2. Update your Voter Registration Record (Change of Address, Name).
3. Change your party enrollment (this will take effect AFTER the June 23, 2020 Federal/State/Local Primary).

On our site you can download an Absentee Ballot Application to print, complete, and mail to us. Go to: 

https://rocklandgov.com/departments/board-of-elections/absentee-ballots/ to obtain an absentee application.

Procedures for Requests Pursuant to the NYS Freedom of Information Law (FOILS)

1.  All FOILS should go through the online Foil system accessible through this web page. Scroll down to FOIL APPLICATION on the left hand side and click to go to the FOIL System.
2.  If you cannot access that page, you must email or call a Commissioner. We will add the FOIL to the system.
3.  All FOILS will be filled electronically. 


1.  Our page on Running for Office contains links to important documents. Visit: http://rocklandgov.com/departments/board-of-elections/running-for-office/ 
2.  Independent Nominations may be filed July 27, 2020 through July 30, 2020.


Election Inspector Certification Courses have resumed. We are following strict social distancing guidelines and masks are required. Click here for more information.

Contact Information

Commissioner Zebrowski Stavisky - 845.638.5289 (Voicemail after Business Hours) and staviskk@co.rockland.ny.us

Commissioner Giblin - 845.638.5287 (Voicemail after Business Hours) and giblinp@co.rockland.ny.us

Guidance - Protect yourself from COVID-19 and stop the spread of germs

We greatly appreciate your cooperation during this difficult and unprecedented time.

Petition Status Report

All Designating Petitions filed for Public Office will be updated as needed during the work day.

Download: Petition Status Report.


The Board of Elections would like to thank all I Voted Sticker Contest participants. We received so many wonderful entries and the judges had a tough time narrowing it down to five finalists. Due to COVID, the public voting period has been extended. Please click on the link below to submit your vote. Each person will be permitted to vote once and the winning design will be printed and distributed to all Rockland County voters. Good luck!
         VOTE NOW!

Top FAQs:

What are the Election Dates?

  • Presidential Primary Election - Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 23, 2020
  • Federal and State/Local Primary Election - Tuesday, June 23, 2020
  • General Election - Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Polls are open from 6AM until 9PM.

When is Early Voting?

  • Presidential Primary and Federal/State/Local Primary Election - June 13 through June 21, 2020
  • General Election - October 24 through November 1, 2020

Where do I vote?

Use the Polling Place Look-up tool.
(Excludes School, Library, Fire District Elections and Early Voting. Click Here for information on Early Voting sites.)

Can I see a sample ballot?

You can use our Polling Place Look-up tool to see sample ballots.
(Excludes School, Library and Fire District Elections.)

Sample Ballots available for General Elections. Primary Ballots are available via email or in person at the Board of Elections. Click here to obtain a Primary Sample Ballot.

How do I use the Optical Ballot Scanner to cast my vote?

Watch our video to learn how to use the scanners.

How do I get an absentee ballot?

Please see our Absentee Ballot page for more information.

The Rockland County Board of Elections is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all elections at which voters of Rockland County cast a ballot for the purpose of electing an individual to any federal, state, county, town, and village office or deciding any ballot question submitted to voters that will be decided in the Primary or November General Election. In performing this function the Rockland County Board of Elections is responsible for:

  • Registering all Rockland voters, including any change of address or political party enrollment change of Rockland residents.
  • Maintaining an accurate and reliable registration database for use on election days which ensures all eligible voters have an opportunity to vote and that any potential voting fraud is prevented.
  • Supplying lists of registered voters to school districts, villages, libraries and fire districts for use at their elections.
  • Recruiting, training and certifying election inspectors.
  • Processing of all petitions for political and party offices.
  • Preparation of all ballots used in Rockland County voting machines and paper ballots.
  • Timely and accurately delivering and processing of all military and absentee ballots; including visiting nursing homes to distribute and collect ballots from permanently disabled voters.
  • Ensure that all election results are accurately tabulated and certify the results of all elections.
  • Process and record all candidate and party financial disclosure filings required by law.
  • Provide open access to all voting and election information as provided by law.

The Rockland County Board of Elections is a bipartisan, impartial body. We do not support candidates, proposals, or referenda. If you receive a phone call from an individual or individuals purporting to be the Board of Elections, suggesting you vote in any election, and attempting to influence your vote, please contact Commissioner Zebrowski Stavisky or Commissioner Giblin immediately at 845-638-5172 or via email at: voterinfo@co.rockland.ny.us

Rockland County is providing registered voters the option of voting on electronic ballot marking devices that accommodate people with disabilities. These devices will be located at each polling site. If you have any questions please contact this office at 845-638-5172.

Please see our cancellations page for up to date information on meeting, event, class and exam cancellations and/or postponements.