Ensuring Optimal Nutrition for Our Seniors
When it comes to healthy aging, nutrition plays an important role both in promoting quality of life and in preventing or managing chronic diseases. With advancing age, our body undergoes several physiological changes that influence our health-related quality of life. As the aging process leads to an increased risk of nutritional deficits, it can contribute significantly to physical disability and comorbidity, thus conditioning seniors' autonomy. Moreover, malnutrition in the elderly can be confused with signs of aging, and early recognition is important so that it can be treated promptly.

Individual Nutritional Counseling

With a personalized nutritional approach, it is possible to prevent and/or manage the impacts of age-related diseases. Nutritional care for seniors is essential for the proper functioning of the body and to help ensure healthy aging, maintaining the quality of life as a whole. To support that, the Rockland County Office for the Aging Registered Dietitian (RD) offers individualized nutrition counseling, guiding our seniors in making healthy food choices based on their needs. Flexible and convenient nutrition counseling options are offered. Our seniors can meet individually with our RD at the congregate meal sites, during home visits, or over the phone.

Group Nutrition Education
The Rockland County Office for the Aging RD applies evidence-based practice while providing nutrition education to stimulate changes and help seniors make healthier food choices. Adequate eating habits contribute to a better quality of life, making the individual more willing to perform numerous day-to-day activities. The service also includes general health and food safety information to assure functional independence and security as they age. Bimonthly group educational sessions are offered at the various meal sites, and printed information is provided monthly with home-delivered meals as well.

Please contact our dietitian for more information at (845) 364-2115.

Meals are provided to qualifying seniors by a variety of agencies in Rockland County:

Home Delivered Meals
Meal delivery service to any Rockland County resident who is a shut-in due to illness, physical handicap or advanced age and who cannot shop or cook for themselves. Special diets are accommodated and kosher-style meals can be provided.

  • Mom's Meals
    3210 SE Corporate Woods Dr, Ankeny, IA 50021
    (866) 971-6667

Congregate Meals
Nutritionally balanced meals served in a specific location, such as a community or senior center. Provides seniors healthy, hot and cold lunches.

  • Rockland Community Development Council
    22 Main Street, Monsey, NY
    (845) 352-1400
  • Rockland Opportunity Development Association
    15 Elyon Road, Monsey, NY
    (845) 356-5528
Contributions are voluntary and confidential and are used to expand the services for which they are received. No one will be denied services because of an inability or unwillingness to contribute.

Services are funded in part by the Administration for Community Living, New York State Office for the Aging and the Rockland County Office for the Aging.