New York State Office for the Aging's (NYSOFA) designated Rockland County Office for the Aging as an Age-Friendly Center of Excellence. Our goal is to develop and improve Rockland's Age-Friendly and Livable Communities.

Age-Friendly Centers for Excellence function as learning collaborative mentors, sharing best practices and policies to support others that wish to pursue age-friendly designation or implement age-friendly principles and projects.

New York State was certified as the first age-friendly state in the nation in 2017 by the AARP and the World Health Organization. The Age-Friendly Planning Program seeks to create and foster healthier, more integrated communities that allow New Yorkers of all ages to easily access services, take part in civic activities, and move around their community without being dependent on an automobile. This is achieved through system-level changes, such as offering incentives for age-friendly concepts, establishing new program and procurement guidelines, or implementing regulatory changes.

People of all ages benefit from the adoption of policies and programs that make neighborhoods walkable, feature transportation options, enable access to key services, provide opportunities to participate in community activities, and support housing that's affordable and adaptable. Well-designed, age-friendly communities foster economic growth and make for happier, healthier residents of all ages.

Using the framework of the 8 Domains of Livability will allow us to organize and prioritize our work to become more livable for both older residents and people of all ages.

  • Outdoor Spaces and Public Places
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Social Participation
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Work and Civic Engagement
  • Communications and Information
  • Community and Health Services