What is the Rockland County Partnership For Safe Youth?

It's a fresh approach to providing a continuum of school-based mental health and social services to Rockland County's at-risk youth. The initiative is designed to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of services for teens and their families living in Rockland County.

Who is involved?

The Rockland County Department of Mental Health, the Rockland County Department of Social Services, the Rockland County Department of Probation, the Rockland County District Attorney, Rockland BOCES.

Where we work.

As part of this unique collaboration, each service provider has assigned dedicated case workers to the Center For Safe and Healthy Youth, situated inside the BOCES Educational Rsource Center (BERC) in Nyack. The Center for Safe and Healthy Youth provides a one-stop location for needs assessment, as well as school support, mental health and social services and juvenile justice-related services, including family preservation, for struggling youngsters with multi-faceted needs between the ages of 10 and 18.

Why we're different.

The Center for Safe and Healthy Youth staff recognizes that working with local youth and their families in school, rather than in an office setting, maximizes success. As such, this wraparound program provides a diversity of services within the youth's everyday environment.

By offering a continuum of educational and social services, mental health care and counseling in one location, the Center for Safe and Healthy Youth aims to improve outcomes. By providing students with continuity of care and the ability to address multiple issues, the Safe Youth team prevents problems from deteriorating into more serious concerns.

How we help.

Once a referral is made and issues are identified, an interdisciplinary team staffed by trained personnel from the County departments of Social Services, Mental Health and Probation and Rockland BOCES will work directly with the youth, the family and school district to address their unique needs.

In each case, staff from the four agencies work together to determine what support is needed. This coordinated process keeps all service providers informed and involved. Additionally, family members are engaged, allowing progress to continue when the Partnership is no longer in the picture.

School official? Coach? Parent? How to make a referral:

Kathy Farber
Safe Youth Center Director
Phone: (845) 405-4180
Email: kfarber@rboces.org

The Rockland County Partnership For Safe Youth
BOCES Educational Resource Center (BERC)
131 North Midland Avenue
Nyack, New York 10960