Rockland County government aims to fulfill its mission for all residents, including those with physical and mental disabilities:  We shall serve the people of Rockland County well by providing needed services in a high quality, ethical, courteous, timely and cost-effective manner.

Important Information

Emergency Planning

Emergencies can present challenges for seniors and people with disabilities. By planning ahead, you will feel more confident about protecting yourself in any emergency.

Sign Language Interpreter Guide

The Office for the Aging, in consultation with the Rockland County Task Force for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, created and maintains a Sign Language Interpreter Directory for Rockland County. The directory is intended to help you find the sign language interpreter that will best meet your needs. The guide provides general information and links to help you understand the important considerations in hiring and working with a sign language interpreter.


Enable, empower and encourage people with disabilities to protect their rights.

Rockland County Departments

Many County departments provide services for people with disabilities. Please see the related departments in the left hand column to be directed to the home page of specific County departments.

Listed below are some of the most frequently requested County programs and services for people with disabilities:

CHORE offers FREE, simple household repairs for people with disabilities and seniors.

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS investigates allegations of unlawful discriminatory practices related to housing, employment and public accommodation.

COMMUNITY SERVICES BOARD is an advisory board for people with mental illness, people with developmental disabilities and people with chemical dependence.  It is a board of the County Department of Mental Health.

EARLY INTERVENTION PROGRAM is a statewide program administered by the County Department of Health which provides free therapeutic and support services for children with special needs who are younger than three years old.

MEDICAID applications for extended care needs of seniors and for individuals who require long-term care for chronic conditions and disabilities are processed through the Department of Social Services.  

PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN'S PROGRAM assists families with physically handicapped children under 21 in coordinating appropriate services for the child.  The program is administered by the Department of Health.

RESOURCES FOR PEOPLE WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES can be found through the County Department of Mental Health.

TRIPS Paratransit is a curbside-to-curbside bus service for Rockland County residents who are physically or mentally disabled or senior citizens who find it difficult to use fixed route bus service.  T.R.I.P.S. is run by the Rockland County Department of Transportation.

We Welcome Your Comments and Suggestions

We are committed to providing you with information that is helpful, accurate, and timely. Please email us at if you have any suggestions about how we can improve this website to better meet the needs of people with disabilities.