What To Do In Preparation For Applying For Emergency Rental Assistance

This program will require tenants and landlords to work together to provide the necessary documents for assistance payments.  Since the benefits will be paid out on a first come/first serve basis now is the time to gather all the necessary documents so when the program is open there is less of a delay in landlords receiving payment and tenants avoiding potential eviction.

Tenants should gather:

  • Contact information for your landlord, including your landlord’s name, phone number and most importantly email address.
  • Proof of identity for all members of the household, such as driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, government issued ID and social security cards.
  • Proof of income for all members of the household, such as pay stubs, W-2s, 2020 Tax Returns, attestations from employers, bank statements showing regular income, proof of eligibility and income from Unemployment Benefits.
  • Proof of rent and residence, such as a current lease, proof of rent payments (bank statements, cancelled checks), utility bills, a written attestation from your landlord stating your address and rent obligation.
  • Proof of rental and utility arrears, such as a ledger from your landlord and utility bills.

 Landlords should:

  • Share with the tenants all contact information including name, address, and email address for all communication for the program.
  • Work with their tenants to ensure all proper documentation is available to them so he or she can apply for this program once applications can be submitted. Including leases, history of rent payments, and eviction notices if any
  • Landlords should also have a current W-9 filled out so it can be submitted once the program is open, which is available here: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf