The Family Law Division is a hybrid legal office staffed by attorneys employed by the Department of Law and the Department of Social Services. The Division handles all matters involving the County of Rockland in the Family Court of the State of New York as well as all appellate cases arising out of Family Court proceedings involving the County of Rockland. These include:

  • Juvenile Prosecution: The Division is responsible for prosecution of petitions alleging Juvenile Delinquency and presents petitions when children are alleged to be Persons In Need of Supervision. While prosecution of these cases holds juveniles accountable for their actions, Family Court prosecution requires a focus on treatment and rehabilitation, as well as public safety. 
  • Child Support Enforcement: The Division is responsible for prosecuting petitions in Family Court for the purpose of establishing, modifying and enforcing child support orders to insure that non-custodial parents meet their child support obligations.  When necessary, this includes prosecuting petitions to establish paternity. The Division's primary focus in Child Support cases is to recover public assistance expenditures for children who have received public benefits and whose non-custodial parent can provide financial or medical support. The Division also provides legal assistance, on a fee for service basis, to non-public assistance recipients who request legal services in child support cases. The Division also represents the Child Support Enforcement Unit of the Rockland County Department of Social Services in matters relating to that Unit's activities in enforcing court-ordered child support obligations.
  • Children's Services: The Division is responsible for representing the Rockland County Department of Social Services in Family Court on child welfare matters. This includes prosecution of petitions alleging child abuse or maltreatment; presenting cases to review the status of children placed in foster care or in the care of a relative or friend under the supervision of the Family Court, and prosecution of petitions to terminate parental rights.
  • Miscellaneous Family Matters:  The Division is responsible for providing general legal advice to the Rockland County Department of Probation in connection with the Department's role in assisting in the preparation of petitions to the Family Court in private disputes involving domestic violence, custody, visitation and/or guardianship.