Provides various preventive and protective services to assist adults, age 18 or over.

Adult Services

Clients who are in receipt of Medicaid are being transitioned into Managed Care companies under Maximus.  Under the Managed Care Program, clients are to receive all their home care needs by the Managed Care plan they have chosen or have been assigned.  During this transition, Adult Services continues to act as a resource by providing information on where to call to resolve problems and where recipients can get information on various Managed Care Plans.

Contact Adult Services at (845) 364-3571 or Email:

Medical Transportation

The Department of Social Services contracts with Medical Answering Service (MAS) to authorize and schedule medical transportation appointments. 

Protective Services for Adults

Protective Services for Adults (PSA) is a program to assist adults, age 18 or over, living in the community, who because of mental or physical impairments cannot provide for their basic need for food, clothing, shelter, or medical care, or protect themselves from neglect, abuse, or hazardous conditions in a reasonable manner.  Services are provided without regard to income and are based on the guiding principles of the individual's rights to self-determination and the least restrictive alternatives.