Subsidized Employment

Rockland County employers that hire young people through the YEP will receive benefits including hiring enthusiastic, hard-working employees and being reimbursed for a percentage of their salaries.

The YEP is a way to empower the youth in our County by giving them an opportunity to contribute and make a difference. The applicants are highly motivated young people from the community. Prior to placement, all applicants must participate in and complete the T.E.E.N. Works program (Teen Employment Education Network). T.E.E.N. Works is the training component of the YEP and is designed to provide eligible youth with a professional workforce training experience. The program offers a curriculum based pre-employment training to teens and young adults to strengthen their ability to become productive, contributing members of the workforce that are responsible and self-sufficient.

Reasons why employers participate:

  • A labor cost saving of 50-100% on all youth hired through the program
  • Develop a better trained workforce
  • The opportunity to increase work staff during peak seasons at a fraction of the ordinary cost
  • Empower the youth in the County by giving them the opportunity to contribute and make a difference
*Employers receive reimbursement at the current rate of minimum wage, $14.20 per hour.


The major goals of the YEP are to build partnerships with local private businesses, not-for-profits, and municipal agencies to promote youth workforce development within the County, and to prepare young people for the world of work through job training and work-based learning skills.


" i9 Sports participated in the 2018 Youth Employment Program hiring two Youth Workers as Game Day Operations Assistants. i9 Sports is committed to providing age-appropriate instruction that is fun for kids and convenient for busy families. "

If you are interested in becoming an employer in the Youth Employment Program please contact the Youth Bureau at (845) 364-2929