T.E.E.N. Works

As a component of the Rockland County Youth Employment Program, the Youth Bureau has introduced its newest program, T.E.E.N. Works (Teen Employment Education Network).  The program is designed to provide eligible youth with a meaningful experience in the workforce.  This 7-week program offers pre-employment training and experiential activities to teens and young adults between the ages of 14 and 21.  Pending successful assessments and completion of the program, participants may be provided a job placement.  

T.E.E.N. Works combines a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the participants with activities and lessons focusing on workplace competencies. Through classroom and site-based learning, participants have an opportunity to develop communication and interpersonal skills, positive attitudes and engage in service learning. At the completion of the program, participants will see themselves as respected, successful, contributing members of the workforce with strong goals for their future.

T.E.E.N. Works staff have a wealth of experience and are from diverse backgrounds. They are committed to the success of each participant and demonstrate a personal commitment to maximizing participant learning outcomes and motivation.

For more information on T.E.E.N. Works please call 845-364-2929