Word processing software
 Spreadsheet software
 Web browser
 The Internet
 Programming language
 Have a computer at home
 Use Wikipedia to search for information
 Make online purchases
 Do online banking
 Use Facebook
 Use Twitter
 10 MB
 5 GB
 10,000 KB
 A browser
 A keyword
 A file
 file types
 Word processor
 Related graphics
 Related web pages
 Related Word documents
 Related links
 Not very proficient in Word
 Somewhat proficient in Word
 Extremely proficient in Word
 .exe files
 .doc files
 .html files
 .pdf files
 .zip files
 Attending hands-on training in a group
 Attending hands-on training 1-on-1
 Reading an instruction manual
 Watching an instructional video
 Teaching myself (I'm very independent!)
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