Legal Services

The Legal Section comprises three units: Family Law, Legal, and Operations, Analysis and Planning (OAP).  Also under Legal Services is Child Support Enforcement.

Child Support

Contact the Child Support Unit at (1-888) 208-4485.

The Child Support Unit works with Temporary Assistance consumers, Medicaid recipients and private clients.  Duties include establishing paternity and initiating and enforcing child support orders.

The OTDA website for the Division of Child Support Enforcement Unit has been changed to  This website provides useful information for Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents with regard to programs and services.

Family Law - Legal Department

Contact the Family Law Division-Legal Unit at (845) 364-3911.

The Family Law Division is responsible for representing the Department in Family Court on matters of paternity, support, child abuse and neglect, foster care, severance of parental rights and juvenile delinquency (JD) cases.

The Legal Department is responsible for any and all litigation by or against the Department, Article 81 Proceedings, administrative hearings, provides general legal advice to all other Units of the Department, and prepares and processes contracts with agencies.

A subdivision of the Legal Department is the Fair Hearings Unit that represents the Department in administrative reviews requested by applicants or recipients of assistance who are not satisfied with the agency's actions. This Unit tries to resolve disagreements to avoid a hearing, helping reduce administrative costs, and providing better and improved service to the Department's customers.

The Legal Department also oversees the operations and functions of Units which enforce Federal, State, and local laws, rules and regulations and procedures regarding assistance payments made through the Department, except child support.

Operations, Analysis and Planning (OAP)

Contact the OAP Unit at (845) 364-3953.

The OAP Unit develops and processes funding applications, contracts, plans and grants in accordance with State and Federal regulations and administrative directives. The unit's processing also incorporates a legal review and analysis. OAP staff develops, drafts, implements, manages, and monitors internal and contracted local program that provide needed services to families in Rockland communities. The planning unit assists contract agencies with contract compliance, performance and reporting requirements to ensure that the Department's expectations and objectives are properly met. The Unit continues its efforts to assure accountability by service providers, including strict scrutiny, monitoring and legal review of contract services. OAP works collaboratively with DSS staff and agencies to identify unmet needs and develop contracted programs that best address what is needed for our clients, families and the community. OAP oversees agency allocations and expenditures, maximizes resources, and develops Annual Agency Achievements and Strategies for submission to the County Executive as well as various mandated State plans, including the County's Child and Family Services Plan, and annual updates required by the State.