Children and Family Services

Children and Family Services provides preventive and protective services to children, adults and families in their time of need, always with the goal of keeping families intact.

Contact Children and Family Services at (845) 364-3546 or Email: .

Adolescent Services

Adolescent Services Unit (845) 364-3050.

This program is a partnership with the Rockland County Probation Department, the Mental Health Association, Rockland County Youth Bureau, BOCES, and the Rockland County Departments of Social Services and Mental Health. The program assists families with children of all ages, with the main focus on the adolescent child. Probation is the main point of entry for Pre-PINS diversion services. The PINS Preventive Unit assists youth who are truant; acting out in the home, school or community; and who may be involved with drugs or alcohol.

PINS Preventive Caseworkers assess the family's service needs and together with the family, develop a mutually agreed upon plan to prevent out-of-home placement.  Services are voluntary, except when ordered by Family Court. 

Child Protective Services:  Investigative and Family Assessment Response (FAR)

Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for investigating and/or assessing safety on all reports of suspected child abuse and/or maltreatment of children under the age of 18.  Reports of child abuse or neglect are made by calling the New York State Central Registry at 1-800-342-3720; these confidential calls may be made anonymously. CPS responds to new reports seven days a week, 24 hours a day.   

In May of 2011, Rockland County began an alternate response to certain Child Protective cases.   When DSS workers receive a report of suspected neglect, they conduct a careful evaluation to determine if the case warrants a CPS investigation or a family engagement and assessment.  Family Assessment Response (FAR) is designed to work with the family to provide needed supports, services and resources focusing on the child's safety and the family's needs, as well as their strengths.  It also avoids labeling parents as "child abusers."

When a child's safety cannot be assessed or the FAR track is deemed not appropriate, a CPS investigation of the allegations is conducted. CPS investigative Caseworkers may seek the intervention of the Family Court for Orders of Protection, court-ordered services for families, and/or authorization to place a child in foster care.  Criminal action can be concurrent in cases of abuse.

FAR Caseworkers assess for child safety without having to prove or disprove the allegations. Workers engage families to identify their needs and provide support, services and resources to meet each family's unique circumstances. This partnership connects families to resources within their community or works to strengthen their informal support systems, while reducing risk to the child. 

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Family Services (Formerly Preventive Services)

Family Services (845) 364-3050

Family Services' staff provide in-home assessments and casework counseling, and assistance with connecting to other services.  The goal is to empower families to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency, strengthen families and prevent avoidable disruptions to the family unit.  Services are voluntary except when ordered by Family Court in cases of abuse, neglect, or custody matters.

For more information or to receive casework services from the Family Services Team please call the Information and Referral line at 845-364-3050 during regular business hours.

The following information is available to Nonparent Caregivers relating to available services and assistance programs: