Civil Division

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The Civil Enforcement Division is a state mandated function of the Sheriff's Office which has been in existence for over 200 years. Its purpose is to serve and enforce various court mandates issued out of Village, Town, County, State, or Federal courts that require service or enforcement within Rockland County. These mandates include Income Execution, Property Executions, Sheriff Sales of Real and Personal Property, Family Court Orders, Orders of Seizure, Orders of Attachment, Citations, Orders to Show Cause, Warrants to Remove and Warrants of Arrest.

The Civil Enforcement Division directs the receipt and recording of all fees for legal mandates, garnishee payments, and other seizures. In 2014, the Civil Enforcement Division collected over $4.5 million dollars for plaintiffs (the majority being Rockland County residents). Approximately $440,000 is generated as revenue for the County of Rockland annually due to enforcement efforts.

In 2009, the Rockland County Sheriff's Civil Enforcement Division became only the fifteenth County accredited by the New York State Sheriff's Association complying with 121 professional standards. This honor confirms that the Civil Enforcement Division exceeds the highest standards of professionalism and operational effectiveness. Again in 2014, the Civil Enforcement Division was re-accredited meeting all of the 121 professional standards. The staff members of the Civil Enforcement Division are specially trained to carry out the many complicated steps involved in executing and enforcing civil law enforcement. All employees have completed the NYS Sheriff's Associations' courses on Civil Enforcement as well as standards set forth by New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services and the Municipal Police Training Council for all sworn personnel.

We proudly stand as an integral part of the Sheriff's Office today and are continually grateful for the public and Legislative support that allows us to serve the residents of Rockland County.