The Rockland County Sewer District No. 1 has constructed a new advanced wastewater treatment plant to serve Western Ramapo in Hillburn, New York. The communities served by the Western Ramapo Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Plant are the Villages of Hillburn and Sloatsburg, and portions of the unincorporated Town of Ramapo.

The Western Ramapo Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant requires a design flow of 1.5 million gallons-per-day (mgd) to serve the Western Ramapo area and treats the effluent to near drinking water standards. These areas rely primarily on the disposal of sanitary wastes through the conventional subsurface septic systems.

Most of these systems are located above a federally-designated, sole-source aquifer called the Ramapo River Valley aquifer and/or are in the recharge area of the Ramapo River Basin. Many of these systems are failing and/or have reached their design useful life and are beginning to create both aesthetic problems and health concerns. Lot sizes and physical geology make it difficult and expensive to repair or replace those systems.

By using today’s advanced technology, it is the goal of the Western Ramapo project to utilize this flow to recharge the Ramapo River Aquifer.