Our Mission, Vision and Values


  • To provide high-quality service, best value through best practices, in a fiscally responsible manner
  • Deliver user friendly and efficient buying methods, training programs, customer service and support
  • Develop strategic supplier business relationships and cost effective contracts that leverage the county's buying power and produce significant financial return-on-investment
  • Support the principles of socially responsible purchasing


  • Set the standard for public procurement at the local government level
  • Be recognized as a leading procurement organization in the public sector and be competitive with best-in-class in the private sector


  • Accountability for effective stewardship of all public funds we are entrusted to spend
  • Adaptability to effectively change course when the situation or environment call for it
  • Collaboration resulting in effective teamwork and strong partnerships across the Department of General Services, the County, and with the external supplier community
  • Customer responsiveness resulting from engaging our customers and incorporating their feedback to improve our services
  • Skills development to build the knowledge we need to grow and excel in our individual and divisional roles
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